10,00 € per day


Ethno Village JATAK Camp offers over 40 places for vehicles and tents, electricity and running water are provided, as well as toilets, shower cabins and bathrooms. The offer includes the possibility of machine washing and drying. This shared environment offers camping lovers two fireplaces with benches in the open air and all forms of collective enjoyment and companionship.

GPS coordinate - 43 08 938 N 19 17 972 E.

In the period from 1 of June to 3 of September 2017 , price per one camping unit including (caravan, camper, car, motorcycle, fees, for up to 3 persons) is 10,00€, tent 6,00€ per day.
Connection to and use of electricity 2,00€ per day.
One load of Wash & Dry 2,00€