The Nevidio Canyon - Komarnica River Canyon is 900m away the village. Nevidio or Nevidjbog, (Hard to See) how the Canyon is called by the inhabitants of this region, has every right to be called this name. River Komarnica is all of a sudden lost in a strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye. Most of the Canyon is covered in perpetual shadow. Because of the sheer cliffs the sunlight cannot reach its bottom. Steep and rugged rocks offer harsh conditions for vegetation thus the Canyon could be called a jewel of the cruel nature, a heaven and a hell-both at the same time. The Canyon is 3.4 km long, and in some places its width goes down to less than 1m. Some parts of the Canyon can only be crossed with the aid of the climbing equipment. Unique beauty of the straits, its sparkling cascades and rapids of Nevidio, are a try reason to visit this amazing gem of Montenegro. Although it does not require special physical fitness, crossing the Canyon is not recommended without a guide..
We can offer you our experienced guides as well as rental equipment for canyoning.

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